Sunday, September 9, 2018

Some recent excursions

I have been a bit neglectful of my posts here of late. Not because I/we haven’t been getting out and about. Here’s a brief and very incomplete summary:

Nangara Reserve - Jindivick
One of my favourite places to visit has been a little quiet, but one day recently a pair of Bassian Thrushes challenged the focusing ability of the camera as they fossicked amongst the leaf litter.

Bassian Thrush
Cape Woolamai – Phillip Island
One very windy day but the hoodies were not deterred.
Hoodies making headway in the wind
Hooded Plover

Woodlot Lane Reserve – Tooradin
On some ‘casual water’ in an adjacent paddock.
White-necked and White-faced Herons sharing the frogs?

Thornell’s Reserve – Longwarry North
Just around the corner from home and real little gem.
Spotted Pardalote about to enter its nest tunnel
Eastern Whipbird
White-browed Scrubwren

Mt Cannibal Flora and Fauna Reserve – Garfield Nth
It hasn’t all been birds.
Those steps! I feel this reserve has a bit of an issue with grazing animals at present. In my last three or four visits I have encountered a large mob of kangaroos each time and most recently a goat! 
Scented Sundew
My first Mountain Greenhood for the season

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