Saturday, April 14, 2018

Reef Island Nature Conservation Reserve

Reef Island Nature Conservation Reserve is situated on the eastern shore of Westernport Bay between Coronet Bay and San Remo. The island, which can be accessed at low tide by a narrow spit, is sort of between Philip Island French Island.
Location of Reef Island, Westernport Bay
The bridge to Philip Island at San Remo - from Reef Island
The principal vegetation was mangrove with some saltbush and a bit of tussock grass.

Typical mangrove and mud flat
This was my first exploratory visit to the site and a more detailed look is warranted.

Along the spit back toward the mainland (Bass hills)
 The reserve is a valuable conservation area for waders and shorebirds. I had no trouble ticking terns, cormorants, oyster catchers, egrets, ducks, swans, sand plovers, etc, but I won’t say it was easy to identify some of them – my wader skills are sadly lacking.

Double-banded Plover
Great Egret
Pied Oystercatcher


  1. How long is your window of opportunity before you have to get back via the spit?

  2. Huh!
    It's pretty shallow Lorraine, so stays exposed for some time. However, when I did fall over in the mud one time and it seemed like taking an age to extract myself, I briefly considered the scenario of staying the night!