Friday, September 15, 2017

Things in Paddocks

Dave and self, braved the inclement forecast today and checked out the bushland reserve at Outtrim.

The recent and current rain has resulted in plenty of temporary or casual water in the paddocks. Coots, herons, lapwings, various ducks, etc were all delighted.

The scores of Nodding Greenhoods were on their last legs. As we scanned the trees and the ground, we were being scanned ourselves from afar.

We renamed the reserve at Outtrim, Grey Fantail Central. We ticked 15 birds in little over an hour, including Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike and Red-browed Finch. Considering the weather, we thought our bird list wasn't too bad.

The predicted "increasing showers" had arrived and we headed for home.

Just north of Beena we were delighted to glimpse a White-necked heron stalking prey in the wet grass. As we stopped to 'get a shot', an Egret flew in to join the picture.

Dave crept closer for a better shot much to the interest of the resident horse – and my delight!
Who's creeping up on who?
"C'mon Dave, I'm getting wet, stop horsing around"

Our final good sighting for the day was a Shellduck. Very smart looking ducks I reckon.

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  1. Very nice. Just messing about with a mate sounds like a lot of fun.