Thursday, August 10, 2017

Flames in Settlement Rd

After 'lucking out' at Woodlot Lane Reserve in Tooradin the other day, Dave and I headed home with the best part of the outing thus far being the Silver Gulls at the jetty at cuppa time!

Approaching home, we turned into Settlement Rd and pulled up beside the sewerage ponds. Way in the distance on the main pond among the grebes and coots was a nice raft of Shovelers. Across the road in the paddock, Dave ticked a family of Flame Robins.

The flames, along with some cooperative blue wrens, kept the cameras going for a half hour or so.

As often is the case, a trip of around 100km resulted in the best results a couple of kilometres from home! We weren't complaining however.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Catching Up ... a little

Once again, other matters have been getting in the way of posting anything recently. I really need to organize life a little better. The bitterly cold weather hasn't been helping either. Once upon a time the elements would not prevent me from exploring any chance I was able but the old bones these days are beginning to complain a little.

These two lichens in Woodlot Reserve at Tooradin caught my eye. 

Also at Woodlot Reserve, on the shores of Westernport, a Great Egret strode by, not being too concerned of our presence.

The wonderful Ironbark at the rear of the Drouin library has been the venue of some rowdy feeding parties recently, including the ever present Rainbow Lorikeets.

A Nodding Greenhood with a runny nose caught our eye in a small patch of bush at Lang Lang.

Doesn't seem to matter the season, the weather, or the location, there is always something to focus the Fuji on.