Saturday, May 13, 2017

Beautiful Mt Worth State Park

Dave and I opted on Mt Worth SP for our Friday bush outing recently.

The 'lookout' on McDonalds Tr is often worth a stop on the way up and this day was no exception. The Latrobe Valley was blanketed in fog and if you look closely, the Baw Baws were obscured by a separate smog layer.

A landowner nearby was burning off some stumps, adding a slight smokiness to the atmosphere. The effect down in the park was picturesque, giving us a chance to explore some camera settings other than 'macro', 'flash', etc.

Mt Worth is always beautiful to visit. In the summer the rainforest/tree fern gullies are cool but at this time of year the fungi are beginning to put on their own show. Below is a small sample of some that were easy to find, (IDs definitely not guaranteed).

'Worth' is worth a visit summer or winter in my book!


  1. Very nice. That last one is a work of art!

  2. i used to live in Seaview and visited the state park a few times. it is such an amazing place and it really helped me with my photography!