Tuesday, December 27, 2016

French Island - Day Two (finally)

Many Xanthorroaea flower heads were covered in assorted invertebrates.

Onion-orchid, Microtis arenaria perhaps?

Heath Milkwort, Comesperma ericinum - pink form way less abundant

Heath Milkwort - the common purple form.
Cape Barren Geese.

Early morning 'grunter'.

Large Duck-orchid, Caleana major - multi-flowered plants were plentiful.

Large Tongue-orchid - Cryptostylis subulata?

Large Tongue-orchid - widespread and common but a first for me.
South African orchid, Disa bracteata - an invasive pest.

The above is a small sample of some flora and fauna I ticked on day two.

The bewildering array of flowers and orchids in particular was stunning. Frequently I would be down on the ground concentrating on getting an acceptable image of one species and from the corner of my eye another would appear. One time I needed to bend a stem away from the lens for a clearer picture and on top of that stem was a flower that to me was a lifer – heaven!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Wildflowers Galore and More

I was very fortunate recently to be invited to spend a couple of days with friends on French Island, (Heritage/Parks Vic, PDF 597KB, The Age Travel article, French Island Community Association web page). After some deep thought for about 0.5 seconds I eagerly accepted and my expectations were more than fully realized.

My hosts advised that I had in fact just missed the prime time for the wildflowers by a couple of weeks – wow, what that must have been like I cannot imagine.

The following is a brief summary of just a few of the sightings from day one. I do not guarantee the IDs, (correspondence is appreciated). Click on images for a larger version. The results from day 2 will appear eventually – after a lot of editing, deleting and ID’ing.

Branching Fringe Lily
Small Duck-orchid
White Tufted Blue Lily
Tufted Blue Lily
Tufted Lobelia

Tiger Snake
Heath Rice-flower