Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Few Recent Sightings

This Jacky Lizard stood still mometarily beside the track near the top of Mt Cannibal – long enough anyway for me to get my breath back sufficiently enough to be able to hold the camera steady, (I’m sure Mt Cannibal is growing!).

Jacky Lizard - Mt Cannibal
A recent bird excursion into the Sweetwater Creek area with the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists produced some great wildflower sightings – great to be in the company of such multi-skilled observers.

Large Duck-orchid - Sweetwater Creek NCR

Red Beard-orchid - Sweetwater Creek NCR
I always enjoy my visits to the Wonthaggi Heathlands, even sans the Southern Emu-wren as was the case last week – I’ll just have to return and try again. The patches of bright blue Purple Flags, Spider-orchids and other herb varieties helped fill in the day quite well.

Purple Flag - Wonthaggi Heathlands
Green-comb(?) Spider-orchid - Wonthaggi Heathlands
The Bunyip State Park recently was where I found this Grass Tree specimen whose flower spike was just too irresistible for some various Hover Flies and Australian Admirables Admirals.

Australian Admiral - Bunyip State Park
Just about the best time of year right now.


  1. Lovely photos, and you're right about it being the best time of year. Only trouble is, between the birds, butterflies, reptiles and flowers, my attention is very fleeting and easily distracted in the bush! 😄

  2. Love the orchids, especially the duck. Those Jacky dragons look very similar to our mountain dragons.Never seen so many hover flies as I did a few weeks back. There were clouds of them around the grass trees.