Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Recent Macro Meander

I found some time to give the macro settings an outing again recently.

The Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve has an eventful and colourful past and a colourful present too if you only seek it. I was standing amid a small field of Wax-lip Orchids and a passing jogger asked what I was up to. When I pointed out my camera and the beautiful orchids, the reply was, “I’ve never noticed those and I run here every day”.

With the flowers appearing, the inverts were active too. I ticked my first Admiral for the season and some of the prolific Wedding Bush was well attended by Hoverflys.

Many of the winter Greenhoods etc were well on the way out but a small group of pregnant Mayfly Orchids were fairly obvious on the side of one track.

Running Postman is a personal favourite, (yet another one), bush plant that I find hard to go past without a photo.

A low damp patch of ephemeral water was rich with the delicate, beautiful and strange bladderwort species of Fairy Aprons.

The Eastern Bronze Caladenia is not easy to see – it is very tiny and apparently only flowers for a day or so. 

The Common Flat Pea on the other hand is eye-catching.

There were plenty of lilies, other orchids, wildflowers and shrubs not yet in flower and I’m looking forward to my next visit next week.

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