Saturday, October 29, 2016

Copius Cannibal Charmers

A quick visit to Mt Cannibal again yesterday had me carefully picking my way through fields of Button Daisies, Chocolate Lilies, Trigger Plants, and other assorted flowers, orchids, grasses and creepers.

Numerous patches of this Craspedia species.

Being careful not to step on something a bit special and keeping my eyes peeled, I was spoiled for choice for something to photograph – when it’s hot, it’s hot! Here are just a few examples …

Tiny Fingers are described as widespread but not that easy to see.

Unknown Sun-orchid. Plenty of T. media open, but this one looked a bit different and was certainly smaller.

Blue Pincushion with Hoverfly in attendance.

Supposedly a bit uncommon east of Westernport, Blue Stars are always nice to encounter.

Hornet-orchids continued catching the eye as their bright yellow contrasted with the green/grey backgrounds.

Although described as ‘widespread and common’ its always a delight to tick the Musky Caladenia.

 A very pleasant couple of hours soon sped by.