Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spring Be Here – at last!

 A visit to Weatherhead  Reserve at Maryknoll and Mt Cannibal at Garfield North a day or two back alerted us to the arrival of Spring in the district.

West Gippsland has luckily not received the downpours of late experienced by the unfortunate residents on the other side of Melbourne. Nevertheless we have had a wet time of it of recently. The spring blooms are beginning to appear. Flower stalks shooting up from the centre of Xanthorrhoea grasses, Love Creeper, numerous wattles and peas, mozzies, even an early Fantailed Cuckoo were all evident at Maryknoll and Garfield North.

Dave and I had been seeing Bird-orchid leaf for several weeks now and finally we ticked a flower at Mt Cannibal.

Twining Glycine is a personal favourite and we found some of this delicate twiner in flower at both sites.

I was surprised to hear a Fantailed Cuckoo at Mt Cannibal, but scalding calls by Brown Thornbills and Superb Fairy-wrens consistently diving into a thicket of scrub indicated the nesting season is underway and the cuckoo was going to get in early. Meanwhile an inquisitive Grey Shrike-thrush snuck in to have a peek at what Dave was up to as he captured a Bird-orchid with his camera.

Drosera sp has been in abundance for quite a while now. This plant at Mt Cannibal caught my eye and when I edited the image I think I can see an insect about to be dissolved!

We capped the morning off at Mt Cannibal by coming across our first Caladenia sp for the season.

Now, time to start clearing the diary and get out there.


  1. I am surprised to read that you regard the Fan-tailed Cuckoos as early. Up here near Canberra we have had Fan-tailed and Pallid Cuckoos since mid-August. Horsfield's bronze was late August and Shining bronze in the last day or two.


  2. Twining Glycine! I believe I cam across that at Scamander last week. Doesn't seem to grow much around my area.

    Spring has sprung down here too. Seen first two Shining bronze-cuckoos last week. First Striated pardalotes too. Lizards very active in the backyard. Not in any rush to see first snake :-)

  3. The cuckoos may have been around a bit earlier than this, I’m not sure. I haven’t been ‘out and about’ as frequently as usual, so I may have missed an earlier arrival.

    It is a delight to witness the early signs of spring – like waking from a long sleep. I’m a little less active these days, so I need to be a bit more determined to get out there. Certainly no lack of motivation.

    Thanks for looking in gents.