Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Six New 'Drouin Birds'

I spent an interesting day yesterday with some of the LV Field Naturalists bird tragics. They visited Drouin and considering the wind strengths we managed some good sightings for the day. I managed to add six new species to my growing Drouin list – Little Pied Cormorant at Bellbird, Flame Robins and Yellow-rumped Thornbills in Settlement Rd plus Black-fronted Dotterel, Blue-billed Duck and Freckled Duck, (wow), in the sewerage ponds.
Getting started at Bellbird

Gippsland Water very kindly allowed the group to observe their ponds from the perimeter track. The wind continued to howl and the sky was black and grey one minute and blue and white the next. The water changed colour with the sky.

Telescopes and binoculars proved difficult to hold still until we hit on the idea of using them from our cars. The ducks unfortunately either worked the centre of the pond or rested on a distant mud flat – too far away for a decent photo.

The Flame Robins were more accommodating, chasing insects on the shoreline, with sometimes five males in close quarters.

Male flame wouldn't let me get much closer
4 or 5 males but I only saw the one female

The 3 or 4 Black-fronted Dotterels did the ‘dotterel thing’ and always retreated to just outside decent photo range.
Black-fronted Dotterel

A great day, wind aside, spent in great company.

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