Monday, April 18, 2016

First Fungi

Trees have been my focus for some months and I have been struggling to publish anything here of late. If I haven’t bored you with Drouin tree stuff as yet, you might like to check out our Friends of Drouin’s Trees blog. Momentum is gathering!

I managed to ‘escape’ briefly into the nearby hills recently and discovered that if one ventures deep enough into the wet gullies, that despite the recent dry conditions the fungi season has begun. As usual, any help with ID’s is appreciated – (heyfieldwaresATwidebandDOTnetDOTau).
A coral obviously, perhaps Ramaria lorithammus?

Attractive. Growing on a log.

One of the puffballs - Lycoperdon perlatum maybe.

Cortinarius abnormis?

One of the fleshy pore/Boletus varieties but the non-central stipe has me confused.

All of these were found on the walking track up to Lawson Falls in Bunyip State Park.

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