Sunday, March 13, 2016

Catchin' Up a Little.

Sometimes life seems to get in the way. Often after a ‘field expedition’ I have great intentions of writing up where I’ve been, what I saw, why it seems important or more usually otherwise, but getting around to doing so often goes onto the back-burner. This entry is an attempt to render that situation – at least a little.

In no particular order …

Above - Button Grass catching some early morning light in Bunyip State Park.
Below - De vogelwachter getting aquainted with an Aussie icon at Mt Worth State Park.

Above - Gum Leaf Katydid at home, (Drouin). The red eye removal tool didn't help!
Below - Scarlet Robin McGlone Rd Drouin, a day after a local said he hadn't seen a Scarlet Robin in town for years.

Above - Heliotrope Moth in the grass at the Langwarrin Flora and Fauna reserve.
Below - Tent Weaving Spider wrapping some prey in a silk coffin, (hard to see in this shot).

Finally, below - A female Superb Fairy-wren eyeing me from her favourite Swordgrass bush.

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  1. Hi Peter! Nice photo and thanks for the birding! Groet uit Nederland! Robert