Friday, March 4, 2016

Bucket List Bird (sort of)

I finally got the chance to very quickly point the camera at, and get some just acceptable shots of a Southern Emu Wren at the Wonthaggi Heathlands today.

These little birds have been avoiding me for some time now. In two or three locations I’ve managed some momentary distant views through the binoculars, or had one dash across my path only a metre or two away then to disappear in the undergrowth. I think the word is frustration.

After spending some time wandering around the tracks at Wonthaggi and being entertained by all and sundry – Little Wattlebirds, White-eared, Yellow-faced and New Holland Honeyeaters, Dusky Woodswallows, Red-browed Finches, Grey Currawongs, etc, a fox and a wallaby…., I turned my head for home and did a ‘cross country’ to return to the ute.

The classic pose of the Southern Emu Wren is atop a piece of heath in some early morning sunshine, (like this one and this one by John Cantwell), but beggars can’t be choosers and today’s views will sate me for a little while.

The Southern Emu Wren is a sweet little clandestine bird and the quest for THAT shot continues.


  1. Congratulations, the Southern Emu Wren is the first bird I remember thinking of as a bucket list bird. Many years ago my mother decided she wanted to find a Southern Emu Wren and went on all sorts of outings to likely emu wren territory. I think it was quite a few years before she saw her first one but she has seen plenty since then so hopefully you've opened the floodgates to emu wren photography too.

    You set a very high standard to meet for your photography but I think you might be being a little harsh on yourself, the first and third pictures there are great.

  2. G'day PB,
    You're very kind, thank you. I hope I can emulate your mother's experience, they are a gorgeous little bird.