Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nangara Notes Feb 2016

Finally a proper ‘day in the bush’ at Nangara. Overcast and drizzly conditions aside, it was a real tonic to be out and about once more.

As I walked along the boundary track, Lewin’s Honeyeater and Eastern Whipbird calls exploded up from the wet gully undergrowth. Rounding one bend, a clutch of mixed birds caught my eye – Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Eastern Spinebills and some LBJ’s, (Brown Gerygones I think). Among them though was a species I’d seen here in previous seasons but not been able to photograph successfully.

Black-faced Monarch

After persisting for awhile I managed to get close enough for some acceptable images despite the limitations of the light, my camera and no doubt its operator! Good to see these summer migrants again as they are a little unusual for us in West Gippsland and I suspect they’ll be heading north again shortly.

Amanita sp

Many locals have been saying for for several days now that there has been an autumnal feeling to some mornings lately and the appearance on the side of the track of some early fungi seemed to confirm that a seasonal change is in the offing.

There were quite a few colonies of these pushing through the ground litter.

Along with some nice views of the gerygones, brown thorns, scrubbies and others, I left for home replete.

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