Sunday, February 7, 2016

In at Last

The move is over and I’m/we’re over the move. Beautiful new and comfortable home. (Out in a box I reckon).

Anyway, I finally found the camera and some enthusiasm for a few bird shots. The Crested Pigeon is a fairly mundane species with which to recommence blogging I have to admit. However, from a small base …

Allan next door has an antennae tower, not sure why ‘cos ours just sits barely above the roof. Anyway his tower seems to be the feeding station for a family of cresteds.

The young ones sit and adjust the odd-out-of-place feather waiting patiently for their breakfast to arrive.

Finally a parent flies in with a gobful of mash which gets vigorously exchanged.

After the adult has dashed off with its classic ‘whistling wing beat’, (created by a special 3rd primary wing feather), the juveniles return to some mutual preening quite at home - rather like Mr. and Mrs. Gouldiae – finally!

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