Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nangara Notes - 28/11/2015

Several recent visits to the nearby NangaraReserve have been productive.

On one occasion I spent some ‘quiet time’ off the track and was entertained by a nice suite of undergrowth birds – Brown Gerygones, Brown Thornbills, Eastern Yellow Robins, White-browed Scrubwrens and these two …

Lewin's Honeyeaters were up out of the denser gullies and feeding in the shrubs near the track.

A small colony of Large-billed Scrubwrens came through to feed on the tree trunks rather like treecreepers do.

As usual I struggled with the low light, but this individual popped up in front of me at one point

At the bottom dam it was evident that odonata season was underway. The array of dragonfly species at the two dam sites and along the creek banks in this reserve is quite bewildering to me and this season I must try to pin down the identifications a little more thoroughly.

I think this might be one of the Tigertail species. Perhaps Southern Tigertail, Eusynthemis guttata?

The bottom dam in particular has a good population of Tall Spikerush and some plants were in flower. While chasing a photo of a flower head, a small movement on a nearby stem caught my eye. As I tried to move into position for a photo, the insect would sidle around to the opposite side and peer at me while remaining very still.

Tall Spikerush in flower.
The well camouflaged Musgrave's Psednura. Very reluctant to jump or fly.

On the side of one of the gravelly tracks, some Onion-orchids were in flower. I am not very sure of the ID here, perhaps Notched, Microtis arenaria? My research suggests these grow to 60cm but this lot were barely 20cm tall, so I’m not certain.

Onion-orchid, maybe Microtis arenaria.


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