Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Moving Moment

By way of an explanation for the lack of activity here recently, I thought I might enlighten you and warn you that this quiescence may continue a little longer.

Mrs. G and I are on the move again. Not far mind you. Currently we reside at No22 and will shortly be moving to No16 in the same street!

We love our locality and a short while back, received an offer too good to refuse – similar abode, similar commitment but a brand new home in which we have had some small input to design and fittings, etc and a generous and receptive overlandlord!

And so, at present we are otherwise quite occupied with moving house, and discovering some little, (and some largish), gems of human detritus that have managed to remain concealed for several years.

Why-oh-why do we do it? That old box of children’s books? Records, who plays records these days? Who even has a record player? Useless/outdated/even broken bits of furniture that might be useful/contemporary/repaired one day but we know never will be. Tools that once I used all day every day but now break me into a sweat after five minutes. Will I ever swing a golf club again?

Aaah, memories and I guess that’s just why we do it, so why not? At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself lately as I trudge the six small house blocks down the hill – it’s a court and the property numbers are sequential – and back up again for another load.

Anyway, that’s why this little corner of bloggland is relatively idle at present and will remain so for another few weeks, particularly in view of the fact that in a few days time I will be surprised if the Telstra/internet switch-over goes succesfully. (Regular ‘contactees’ might note that the only change to the address will be, or should be, the substituting of the 16 for the 22).

Birds, wildflowers, fungi, et al will be seen here again soon.

Kind regards and a happy new year.

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  1. Good luck with the move.

    And if you think Telstra are bad, wait until you try to solve things with Australia Post!

    Haveth a very Happy 2016!