Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just Birds

I haven’t done a 100% bird entry for some time. Other things have been impinging a little on my birding but every now and then the camera has been switched to the ‘bird’ setting. Here are a few recent results…

The cuckoos have gone quiet now after the first flush of nest parasitizing(?) of the season. A recent and brief visit to Mt Worth State Park however produced some views of this Fan-tailed Cuckoo co-operating nicely on a nearby star post.

With a nicely treed caravan park at the rear and a nearby patch of remnant forest, our backyard often gets a visit from a Grey Butcherbird. Of course my occasional tossing out of some meat scraps probably helps too.

At Boolarra I came across a nice but distant image of a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets settling in for the breeding season. Even old dead ‘pipes’ are valuable habitat for many of our birds and mammals.

I found a new reserve to wander the other day at Buln Bun East. While trying to spot some wildflowers I couldn’t resist quickly changing some camera settings to get this Sacred Kingfisher.

Little Corellas are expanding their range toward the coast and have become regular sightings in much of Gippsland I believe. Often they are mixed in with flocks of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and can be hard to pick from a distance.

The Alex Goudie Park in Drouin is a well used ‘off-the-lead’ dog walking park here in Drouin but the Wood Ducks don’t seem too disturbed by the frequent canine interference (although a few dog owners could perhaps exercise a little more control over their pets).


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