Sunday, October 11, 2015

On Cannibal Recently

These were just beginning to appear on the western slope of Mt Cannibal a couple of days ago…

Common Bird Orchids – plenty of leaf and a few early flowers. So weird and wonderful I can never not stop to take a good look. They are common but often well hidden.

Button Everlastings – often a feature on the lower slopes of the mountain. Not quite in their usual large numbers yet. A favourite with the butterflies.

I need help here. Is this a Lycid mimmicking Moth, Snellenia sp?

Aha, the power of the www! The moth is probably Philobota arabella it seems, (thanks DF over at Ben Cruachan – NaturalHistory blog). A member of a very large genus. Here’s the Wikipedia entry.

Snowy Daisy Bush – very profuse in  places. A good insect attractor.

White-finger Orchid – A great little patch of these appears right near the carpark each season. They can get confusing when some are suffused pink. 


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