Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Second Visit to Weatherhead Reserve at Maryknoll

Blue Pincushion is a widespread wildflower that grows in a variety of habitats. With only ten or a dozen individual flowers of normally fifty or more, this one is not completely ‘out’ yet. Apparently this striking plant is easy to propagate.

With an edible tuber below the ground this is sometimes called a Potato-orchid but Cinnamon Bells is probably a more descriptive common name due to the cinnamon-like scent given off by the flowers.

This I think is a Tau Emerald, my first for the season. The Tau Emerald is a medium sized dragonfly that is fairly common and widespread. Here’s a link to an excellent 28 minute BBC documentary on YouTube that clearly and beautifully explains the life the dragonfly.

The Musky Caladenia is a first for me. I haven’t ticked it before, although I may not have realized I was looking at one in the past. This is not a particularly happy looking plant, which is great – I just have to go back and find a better one for the camera!

 I’m a bit nervous with this moth. Uhm, is it a Triangular Moth DF, Epidesmia chilonaria? The beautiful tan coloured underwings caught my eye when it flew slowly across the track.


During my last visit to this site I thought I was seeing some Sun-orchids ready to open. This Spotted Sun-orchid was the only example I came across on this occasion and it displayed just the single flower on its stem. More to come I reckon.

Always nice to see the good old Waxlip Orchid. Despite this one being rather small, I think it is Glossodia Major – the white base of the labellum. Again this a common and widespread species but I find them hard to pass on the track with just a single glance.



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