Thursday, October 15, 2015

A New Site to Explore

I needed some stationery supplies recently and became desperate for a visit to one of my favourite stores – Officeworks. Was it to be Traralgon or Pakenham? (Now there’s an opportunity for an entrepreneur – an Officeworks franchise for Drouin/Warragul!)

Pakenham’s the go this time and the chance to check a reserve or two for some spring wildflowers on the way. Mt Cannibal is on the route and so is a new spot I only recently heard about, Weatherhead Bushland Reserve at Maryknoll. (The 38km trip to Pakenham, normally about half an hour, ended up taking 5 hours!)

At Weatherhead I stuck to the track mostly in an attempt to explore the extent of the place and to get ‘my bearings’. Even so I found some delightful examples of spring flora.

Fringe-lilies are always a delight. Despite the choking wiregrass in many spots, the Thysanatos was still getting through.

Hornet Orchid – not in great number but in pretty good condition.

I thought this piece of Mat-rush and a Fringe-lily made an interesting tableau.

Dear old Milkmaids were abundant in places on the sides of the track.

Pink Finger Orchid.


I came across this Passion Flower and it’s one I haven’t ticked before. It could be a garden escapee, but it was situated a long way from any gardens I could see. It is a tendril climber and outside its natural range is often classed as an environmental weed.

Here and there these White Iris flowers caught my eye and I first thought they might be garden escapees too. I don’t think they are but I’m still not certain. Often called Butterfly Flag, in the wild this plant likes to make a comeback after fire.

 It took a long time to get a packet of photo paper but well worth the time spent. And I’ve found a new place to explore more fully in the near future.


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  1. Half hour walks and drives do tend to become longer for those interested in the environment! Maybe the passionfruit was carried by a bird????