Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Signs Are Good

Around my place this season, Mother Nature seems to be struggling a bit to shrug off her winter coat. Even the locals are saying it has been colder for longer than normal this winter. A few days recently have suggested however that things might be on the turn and a good example was yesterday. I grabbed the opportunity and checked a small patch of bush in the Bunyip State Park to see what evidence I could find to support my observation.

Under the power lines along the Bunyip River Road, the wattles were in fine form and among them here and there were some Bushy Needlewoods giving off their sweet perfumes.

Victoria’s floral emblem, Common Heath, has enjoyed the long winter and much of this plant is still in flower. A few plants on the side of the track were attracting two early season butterflies, the Imperial White and the Australian Admiral.

A little higher up amongst the forest, the Narrow leaved Bush Pea was making a spectacular showing. This pea seems to be restricted largely to southern Victoria south of the Great Divide and a few spots in Tasmania and New South Wales. Bushfires stimulate the propagation of this understorey shrub.

Hovea, Hardenbergia, Love Creeper and a few Dampiera flowers were here and there poking up their heads among the dense grasses and bracken.

Nice to see this stuff and I’m looking forward to more of the same.

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