Sunday, August 9, 2015

Koonwarra with Bass Coast Birdlife

I joined the ‘Bass Coasters’ yesterday for a fascinating and rewarding outing at Koonwarra. It was especially nice to tick Crested Shrike-tits and Brown Gerygones in some bush beside the Tarwin River West Branch, (near the junction with Gwyther Creek!!!), at the recreation reserve.
Brown Gerygone. Must just about be at the southern limit of its range at Koonwarra?
Crested Shrike-tit. With some patience and a little digital assistance it was nice to get one of these ‘canopy birds’ low enough for a picture in a patch of dark bush.
We surrounded this Koala with binoculars and cameras.
And, with special help from Gordon, I got my first ‘acceptable’ shot of a ‘hoodie’ on the beach at Inverloch.

Hooded Plover. A dumpy little species that is probably in decline due to human invasion of their beach breeding areas. On the endangered list for Victoria.
A nice day, (thanks to Helen, Penny, et al), ended with a lovely bowl of soup at Gus’s place – thanks Gordon and Lyn.

"C'arn, you've been for a walk today, now its my turn".


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