Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blue on Cannibal

Today at Mt Cannibal, consistent with Mrs Gouldiae’s observations - the blue flowering shrubs in the bush are among the first to appear in spring – some Common Hovea and Purple Coral-pea were catching the eye on the lower slopes.

Common Hovea is a widespread straggling to erect shrub found in heathy woodlands of Vic, Tas, SA, NSW and Qld.

Good old Hardenbergia or Purple Coral-pea needs no introduction but is always pleasing to see it twisting and climbing through the bush. Now a common garden plant with numerous cultivars, in the bush it can be found down the south-eastern coastal strip of the mainland and throughout Tasmania.

To cap the ‘blue theme’ at cuppa time a Superb Fairy-wren family visited us at the picnic tables. The dominant male was in his full blue uniform but wouldn’t come too close. The juveniles were happy to hop closely by however.

Seems things are hotting up.

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