Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Cold One!

Between incoming draughts of Antarctic air masses, I grabbed the chance yesterday to visit once more the nearby Crossover Regional Park. Being the time of year and the very low air temperature I guess, birdsong was a bit limited – an Eastern Whipbird was ‘cracking’ away and getting no response from his mate and a pair of Grey Shrike-thrushes were keeping in touch with their ‘dite’ contact call.

Several pieces of Flame Fungus caught my eye and when I went looking for a photogenic sample, I could see that there was quite a bit of this member of the coral group poking up through the moss and leaf litter. I don’t remember seeing this species appearing in such a widespread fashion before.
Clavaria miniata, (perhaps?) - soil substrate - a coral group fungus - fertile surface on the outside.

Just as I finished getting the shot above, the camera battery went flat. I chose a nearby stump to sit on and change batteries, and in came a couple of charming Eastern Yellow Robins to check me out. They luckily stuck around until I got the camera going again.

On the way out a yellow-orange fungus caught my eye, and it’s one I hadn’t noticed before. After getting home and checking Fuhrer, I think it is Discinella terrestris or Little Suns as I see someone online has appropriately called it.
Discinella terrestris, (?) - a cup fungus - soil substrate - fertile surface of tiny sacs under the caps.

Yet another nice, (if cold), day in the bush.

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