Sunday, June 28, 2015

Working the Weeds

This morning’s walk took me along a track on the edge of town that has some waste-land beside the ever busy Princes Highway. Periwinkle, Blackberry, Black Nightshade and other invasives were in profusion and up to waist high in places. 

Periwinkle - a garden escapee?
 The highly adaptable and ubiquitous Superb Fairy-wrens were diving in and out of the weeds in great abandon, which made me think, “One man’s weed is a … fairy-wren’s larder”!

Female wren
 The occasional adult male was in full colour and several young males were just starting to show their blue plumage.
Young male Superb Fairy-wren
 I chased the delightful wrens about for a bit and was beginning to navigate my way back to clearer ground when a canopy species caught my eye. I’d been hearing the beautiful melodic call of a Grey Shrike-thrush above the ‘highway hum’ and mentally ticked the overhead bird as a thrush. But then it flew in a straight line between two trees without the thrush’s diagnostic undulating flight pattern. Closer inspection was needed and I was pleasantly surprised to see a pair of Crested Shrike-tits.
Crested Shrike-tit. Surprisingly close to town and busy highway.
Indeed a sight for sore eyes – (private joke!)

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  1. What happened the birds did not hide behind sticks or leaves. I am just jealous Great photos.