Thursday, May 28, 2015

Three Recent Fungi

Clavaria miniata
(Flame Fungus)
Widespread and common in soil substrate. Often associated with tree fern habitat in eucalypt forest.

(Click on images for a larger view)
Eye Catching in the leaf litter.
Sometimes in clusters, mostly single.

Boletellus obscurecoccineus
(Rhubarb Bolete)
Baw Baw National Park, Mt Erica.
Widespread but not too common.
Substrate of wood, living trees or in soil near trees or wood.

A striking fungus.
Scaly stem is diagnostic.

Geoglossum sp
(Earth Tongue Fungus)
Baw Baw National Park, Mt Erica.
Soil substrate usually associated with moss beds.
A late autumn species probably much under-recorded.

Can you see them?
There, next to that stick!
Any wonder they are under-recorded - thanks Eileen for showing us, I'd never have found them.


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