Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Jindivick & Narkoojee Sculpture Show - 2015

Today, Mrs Gouldiae and I made the most of a beautiful sunny day and wound our way up the hill to Jindivick, to wonder at the skill and imagination of some of the local sculptors. Being a little preoccupied with fungi of late I have being paying little heed to any avifaunal activity. Perhaps I can make some small amends with some images of these beautifully plumaged if inanimate examples… 

(Click on images for a larger view)

Naturally I was drawn to the birds but there were plenty of other subjects to catch the eye and to cause us to wonder at the talent, vision and resourcefulness of these clever people…

There were sixty or more pieces to view and I have posted a few more in my Google Drive on-line gallery, (Gouldiae’sGalleries folder 6/5).

(Today, 24th May, was the last day at Jindivick. The show now travels to the Narkoojee Winery at Glengarry to reopen on 30th May.)

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