Monday, May 11, 2015

Fungi at Mt Worth State Park

What do you remember about Beatrix Potter? She didn’t just write stories with characters like Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-duck apparently. Seemingly she was a noted mycologist and a botanist and entomologist as well by all accounts. She collected samples, drew them – beautifully and accurately – collected fungi spores and grew them, even presented a paper to the Linnaean Society. (Note to self – I wonder is there a fungi named in her honour?).

Recently at Mt Worth State Park, I ticked several fungi that I found interesting, one I think being the species which was the subject of Beatrix Potter’s scientific paper.

(Identifications are not guaranteed and correspondence in regard to this is invited)

Enoki Mushroom #1. I think this is Flammulina velutipes. A worldwide species.
The subject of Beatrix Potter’s scientific paper.

Enoki Mushroom #2. Cultivated widely but wild and cultivated varieties can look very different.

Laquered Bracket I think. Ganoderma resinaceam. A polypore.

Large unknown Bracket #1. Very difficult to get near due to undergrowth.

Large Unknown Bracket #2. Had to be nearly 1metre wide.

Oyster Mushroom #1. Pleurotis sp. Decurrent gills.

Oyster Mushroom #2. Fan/shell-shaped, depressed caps. Fallen hardwood log.


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  1. It sounds as though you heard the ABC Science Show on Saturday which included a very interesting segment on Beatrix Potter. She also saved the Lake District in the UK - a thoroughly admirable person.