Monday, May 4, 2015

A Few Fungi from Rokeby

I have been visiting the Crossover RegionalPark at Rokeby over the last few beautiful autumn days. Apart from an entertaining half hour with an Eastern Whipbird that didn’t want to sit still in the open for anything longer than 3 seconds, I enjoyed several hours of fun with a big variety of the much more sedentary fungi that thrive in this park.

(Corrections to my amateurish identifications are very welcome.)


Austropaxillus infundibuliformis, an early season mushroom with forked and decurrent gills.

Geastrum triplex, Earth Star Puffball, common, abundant and always attractive.

Mycena cystidiosa 1, tall stipe, conical convex cap with brown umbo.

Mycena cystidiosa 2, showing the abundant rhizomorphs. Grows in the leaf litter and on wood.

Boletus sp, perhaps Sutorius australiense, chocolate brown cap and very stout stipe.

Austroboletus occidentalis (I think), soil inhabiting, yellow/brown cap.

Austroboletus occidentalis 2, pink pores and a slime covered stipe.

Dermocybe sanguinea, (possibly), blood red caps, stipes and gills.

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