Monday, April 20, 2015

Wine-glass Fungus

This fairly common fungus usually grows on buried wood but I found these today on an old exposed stump at Shady Creek.

The funnel-shaped rosettes give this fungus its common name however ‘petalodes’ in the scientific name, Podoscypha petalodes, is far more descriptive of this species. To me it looked for all the world like rose petals.

The fungus was soft and fragile too and I didn’t dare remove the bits of debris to try and get a ‘clean’ shot in case I damaged it.

I also lucked on to some Striated Thornbills today. These little beggars are so tiny and usually up so high they are beyond my camera’s reach. I haven’t had the opportunity to snap one of these little bush birds for ages.

I was trying for the Pink Robin or the Olive Whistler again – no joy.

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  1. Nice one! I was looking up that fungus to see if it has been seen locally and while doing so came across two other common names - The Rosette Fungus or Ruffled Paper Fungus.