Thursday, April 16, 2015

Solander's Brown Butterfly

Daniel Solander was a Swedish naturalist who accompanied Joseph Banks on the Endeavour and together in 1770, they collected hundreds of specimens along the east coast of Australia.

The Solander’s Brown Butterfly is a common species in Victoria, usually found in alpine and sub-alpine woodlands.

I think I was lucky to find this one yesterday in some bushland at Shady Creek just north of Warragul, as normally they finish flying in April.

The Solander’s Brown Butterfly likes to use poa grasses and wiregrass as a host plant.



  1. Nice one! Looking forward to seeing one (probably moving to Victoria later in year)

  2. It's a really attractive butterfly with those rich colours. Interesting to hear the history of the name too.

  3. Mosura - Fresh fields and pastures new? Good luck with that.
    HW - Yes, a striking species but I still have trouble picking them in the field.