Sunday, April 12, 2015

Olive Whistler

Although endemic to the four south-east Australian states, the Olive Whistler is classed as vulnerable in NSW and SA and is only secure in Vic and Tas, (BirdLife Australia link).

I remember my first sighting some years ago, it must have been for, oh I don’t know, 5 or 6 seconds perhaps? I wouldn’t have known what I was looking at except for my experienced bird mate and mentor who excitedly explained what we were seeing.

Since that experience early in my birding career, my sightings have been extremely infrequent and probably no longer in duration each time. Until a few days back, inside Mount Worth State Park, (Pete’s Places link), I lucked onto a pair that decided I wasn’t much of a threat and continued to flit in and out of view for 10 minutes or more.

Always partly hidden

Individual ‘viewings’ were still remarkably brief, and in the darkest of places, the densest of foliage, or nearly always with an over bright background, etc.
A little better but me and my camera still struggled

Two pairs of walkers passed me on the track, wanting to know what I was seeing. When I was able to point out the dull grey shape in the background they all just gave a virtual shrug of the shoulders and moved on, no doubt concerned for my sanity.

In the open at least, but a long way up and not the best angle

It was great fun and one day I might even get a decent picture of one!


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  1. Gouldiae, another terrific post where you have described my experience with the Olive Whistler perfectly. A seldom seen species and when seen, very camera shy. Avithera