Saturday, April 4, 2015

One Season Ends, Another Begins

I grabbed a small window of opportunity the other day to visit a ‘green shaded area’ on Google maps that I’ve been looking at for some time now – Henry Littledyke Reserve between Nyora and Poowong.

Although it must be getting near to the end of their season, several different butterflies were flitting about at ground level and sometimes coming to rest in a patch of sunlight on the track.

Banks’ Brown

Meadow Argus

‘As one door closes, another opens’. The butterfly season is certainly on the wane but I’ve been noticing the gradual appearance of some fungi. Even ticked the beautiful little Pixie’s Parasol, (Mycena interrupta), a few days back up near Lawson’s Falls in Bunyip State Park.

Bolete sp
 It’s hard to miss some of the boletes. I think I’ve read somewhere that one variety of bolete is Australia’s largest mushroom, with one specimen measuring a metre or more in diameter and weighing nearly 30kg! This one was a mere 200mm.

Boletes have pores on the underside instead of gills.                                                                -Gouldiae

PS: The link to Henry Littledyke Reserve in the first sentence above, will take you to my NEW BLOGPete’s Places – in which I’m going to try and give some brief descriptions of a few of the localities I discover and like to visit from time to time. I’m of the view we should be spreading the word in regard to our natural environment and this is my small attempt at doing so.                                                  -PW

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