Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ain't Nature Grand?

A few weeks back in Bunyip State Park, I lucked onto the presence of nearly everyone’s favourite little bush bird - the Rufous Fantail. Jim saw the blog and several days later arrived on my doorstep demanding to be shown where this Rufous Fantail was hanging out. Off we set only to be disappointed that the birds had ‘flown the coop’ so to speak. Jim went home without his fantail pic.

Today there was a knock at the door and an excited Jim, with camera in hand, was keen to show me some recent shots of a Rufous Fantail that had lobbed in his backyard at Heyfield.


The Grey Butcherbird is an aggressive predator and gets its name from the habit of impaling its captured prey on a twig or hanging it in a fork. This food larder is returned to as the Butcherbird consumes the meal and it is also thought to be a means of attracting a mate.

Nice one James!


  1. Aww! I know it's nature but I do feel for the poor fantail.

    Sometimes I think we become so familiar with some garden birds that it suddenly seems alarming when they act as nature intended. I was shocked earlier this year when I saw a crow chase down and kill a figbird. I thought "but don't you want your delicious garbage instead, Mr. Crow!?"

  2. As Christian has pointed out Jack, not too brilliant for the RFT.

  3. "Red in tooth and claw" of course, but still impressively graphic!