Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mixed Bag

Today’s mixed bag begins with a Lace Monitor that strolled slowly across in front of the ute on the Bunyip River Road inside the Bunyip State Park. With its tongue tasting the air every couple of steps, it didn’t seem too upset at getting snapped from a distance.

When I stepped a little nearer though, those excellent claws were put to good use when it scaled a tree for safety.

After saying farewell to Mr Monitor, I legged it for awhile under the power lines and came to a small remnant puddle that had some life.

Fairy Apron
Utricularia, (utriculus = Greek for little bladder), is a small family of carnivorous bladderworts and several were flowering strongly around the edge of the puddle. I’m not deadly certain they were U dichotoma, but Fairy Apron is pretty close.

Wandering Percher
I think this is a Wandering Percher, a fairly common and widespread dragonfly that likes to inhabit still or sluggish water including temporary puddles.

Always something to look at in the bush.


  1. Yes, Wandering Percher is right - Diplacodes bipunctata. Beautiful colours and composition!

  2. Thanks Harvey,
    I'm a bit new to the 'odes' and never 100% confident.

  3. There's always something happening if you look, and that last one is just beautiful.