Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Teeming Tea Tree

Over at Ben Crauchan, DF recently recorded some of the bountiful invertebrates that visit Bursaria sp. at this time of year. Whilst the Bursaria is abundant in this area too at the moment, I discovered a similar event on the Prickly Tea Tree at Nangara Reserve.

I ticked more or less the same suite of species as Duncan …

Large Greenbottle? Chrsomya rufifacies.

Spotted Flower Chafer? Polystigma punctata

White-spotted Pintail Beetle? Hoshihananomia leucosticta.

While so gainfully employed, I became aware of a deep bzzz-bzzz-bzzz and the sky went dark, (well, in my imagination anyhow), and this large hairy-a..sed blowy landed nearby.

One of the Tachinid Fly family - I think? Rutilia sp perhaps?

The order Diptera, (Flies), is a large order. Then there are suborders, families, subfamilies, tribes, genus, sections, series, species, subspecies and variety, huh! I couldn't find the name Large black H-A Blowy in any of that!?



  1. I love staring into flowering bushes for this very reason as well! Although my photographs are never quite this good :)

  2. Just a sample of the species present HW. A world in miniature.
    Thanks Christian. Fills in the the time when the birds are quiet.