Sunday, January 18, 2015

With Friends at the Summit

I spent an enjoyable day yesterday on Mt St Gwinear with the Friends of Baw Baw National Park and the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists. Whilst I generally prefer to wander in the bush on my own, at my own pace, looking at the things that interest me mostly on the day, taking heaps of time to set up a photograph, etc, it was nice yesterday to be in the company of passionate and knowledgeable people who were able to explain what I was looking at – but I still did some small solitary explorations.

I have definitely developed a comfort zone. I’m quite happy to tick birds, some plants, a few invertebrates, etc, with a casual glimpse or a faint call within local woodland, wetland or plains habitat. The subalpine/alpine ecosystem is completely another matter. Oh dear, I hope I live long enough!

Subalpine heathlands.
 Just a few images from the day …
(Identifications not guaranteed – correspondence is welcome)

A not very good image of a Macleay’s Swallowtail, (Graphium macleayanum). Feeds with quivering wings, darting from flower to flower. A nice photographic challenge in which I failed this time around.

I think this is the Mountain Greenhood, (P. alpina). A colony of these for 10-20metres on the side of the track. 

Solander’s Brown, (Heteronympha solandri). A fairly common brown butterfly found in open woodland and montane habitats.

The Trigger Plant, (Stylidium sp), was quite prominent on the track and in the bush from the carpark to the summit.

Colourful drupes on a Subalpine Beard Heath shrub, (Leucopogon maccraei).

A moss covered granite boulder on the way to becoming soil through mechanical weathering. Snow Gums in the background.

Thanks Alix et al, but where was that b….y chair lift?

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  1. A chairlift Gouldie, you must be getting old.