Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some Bright Colours on a Dull Day

Once again I enjoyed a few hours yesterday checking things out in the Bunyip State Forest – The Button-grass Walk in particular. Even though the day was dull and the birds particularly quiet, there was plenty to keep me entertained.

Blue Dampiera and Common Wedge-pea were both scrambling through the lower shrubs and grasses and in some of the wetter heathland areas many of the Slender Yellow-eyes were in flower.

The star plant for the day however had to be the Branching Fringe-lily. For me, these have to be the ‘Spotted Pardalote’ or perhaps the ‘Golden Whistler’ of the common wildflowers – I find it hard to walk past without having a good look. Yesterday, the walk took ages as there were many hundreds of this plant in flower. Some texts say the flowers only like to open on sunny days but they were well out yesterday. There were singles, doubles and triples, and even a few white ones.

Just glorious.

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