Saturday, December 13, 2014

Brown Gerygone in Nangara Reserve

Back in August this year I ‘ticked’ the Brown Gerygone in Uralla Reserve at Trafalgar. As if to confirm the Bird Life Australia comment … ‘In Victoria there has been a westward expansion of this species, with confirmed sightings in the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne’, I have since found this little bird in Morwell National Park, Mt Worth State Park at Yarragon and just yesterday in Nangara reserve at Jindivick – seems to be doing quite well!

I particularly enjoyed finding the bird in Nangara, as I came across a pair in the middle of nesting duties. The typical dome-shaped nest with a downward pointing entrance tunnel was suspended in a small prickly, (deliberate?), tree in a shady gully.

The pair was busy lining the nest I believe, as they were flying in and out – without hesitating – and I think I got some distant views of feathers in their beaks.

Sometimes after exiting the nest, one or other would pause briefly for a quick clean up of its own plumage and I managed some poor images of them in the deep shade. I think I could spot the beginning of a ‘brood patch’ on one bird.

And, it must be Christmas! A few blossoms on the Prostanthera lasianthos were beginning to show.

Listen to the call of the Brown Gerygone courtesy of the Birds In Backyards site and Fred Van Gessel



  1. They always seem to be in shady spots when I see them. Nice shot of the Christmas Bush!