Saturday, November 29, 2014

Success – Sort Of!

I’ve been lusting after a half decent look and photograph of a Rufous Fantail for several weeks now. I’ve ticked a bird or two in Nangara Reserve at Jindivick a couple of times recently but haven’t had one sit still long enough for a picture.

Yesterday my luck changed a bit when one bird sat quietly for a short while some distance away in some dense understory. I got some nice views through the bins, but my camera struggles in low light.
Rufous Fantail
One image is a keeper and if I persist enough I may get that ideal shot of the beautiful rufous tail displayed one day.

On the way home through Longwarry North I came across three White-necked Herons ‘grazing’ on the driveway of a property beside the road. I did a quick u-turn and parked opposite and using the ute as a hide spent several minutes getting some shots as high speed traffic roared by without disturbing them.
White-necked Heron
On the rear bird you can make out the ‘landing lights’ on the fore-wings which apparently are a good identifier for the birds in flight.

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