Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kitty Miller Wetlands with Bass Coast Birdwatchers

Yesterday I briefly caught up with the Bass Coast Birdwatchers at the Kitty Miller Wetlands on Phillip Island. The wetland is a restored/re-vegetated component of a wildlife corridor project conducted by the Phillip Island Nature Parks and Phillip Island Landcare Group. Bass Coast Birdwatchers regularly monitor various sites within the project.

Kitty Miller Wetlands is a stronghold for the Cape Barren Goose, (a most peculiar goose of uncertain affiliations - Sraml etal. 1996). The geese were present in good numbers yesterday, 100+ and plenty of guano. A recent survey on the island recorded almost, (?), 2000 birds.

Other interesting birds on or near the water included Red-capped Plovers, Musk Ducks, Black-fronted Dotterels, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, Hoary-headed Grebes, Swamp Harriers, White-fronted Chats, etc.

I arrived a little early and put on the billy in the carpark at the nearby Kitty Miller Bay.

Blue-wrens entertained me while I swallowed my coffee and biscuit, by posing on a nearby dry tangle of branches just begging to be snapped.

(Is that evidence of a brooding patch on the belly of a male?)
PS: Sophie and others, the little lilac and yellow flowering herb is Creeping-monkey Flower, (Mimulus repens)....


  1. Interesting-You've got your own variety of species we have over here. I like that Blue Wren-nice photos too!

  2. Thanks Larry,
    That Blue-wren shot is labelled 'blue-on-blue' in my files!
    Talking colours, I love those Fall, (Autumn), landscape shots you get in your corner of the world.