Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back to Nangara

A brief sojourn into Nangara Reserve at Jindivick yesterday in a vain attempt to tick a couple of favourite summer visiting birds did however produce a few nice sightings of butterflies and sun-orchids.

Snowy Daisy-bush and Forest Boronia were putting on quite a display and attracting plenty of insect life despite the rather dull day. Blue-wrens, Brown Thornbills, Grey Fantails, Rufous and Golden Whistlers were enjoying the feast but alas my two ‘target’ birds for the day, the Rufous Fantail and Black-faced Monarch failed to make an appearance.

A couple of members of the Browns family of butterflies gave me a brief opportunity to switch the camera on to macro for a quick shot or two as they rested between fluttering flights. This Forest Brown came to rest on a gum leaf and with open wings - probably to warm up - provided a chance for a photo.

A little later a Swordgrass Brown fluttered by, pausing occasionally, but seldom using its favourite host plant, swordgrass, even though there was plenty in the vicinity.

I came upon some nice examples of the majestic Tall Sun-orchid, (I think), too. In spite of the coolish and dull morning, one or two plants were in bloom. A partially open flower in one case was being attended by a visiting insect.

I dipped out on my target birds, but as usual a good time was had by all, (well just me actually).

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