Monday, October 20, 2014

Natural 'Stuff'.

After two days of ‘cultured’ gardens, more tomorrow and again this coming weekend, beautiful as they have all been so far, today I was ready for some ‘natural’ stuff - stuff that survives on its own, stuff that seems to be present one day, gone the next, stuff that … Yeah, well I’ve probably upset some garden lovers already, I shall desist and get on with it.

This morning I ticked the following at Mt Cannibal – and again I’m not certain I’ve got the right names in some cases, correspondence welcome.

Button Everlasting, (Helichrysum scorpioides). There’s been plenty of this about for some weeks now.

Purple Flag, (Patersonia occidentalis). Just a few showing today, but plenty of bud ready to burst. It seems the flowers sometimes will only last a few hours!

Native Violet, (Viola sp, hederacea?). Often overlooked because of its small size and abundance, but very attractive. Something of a shade lover too.

Salmon Sun-orchid, (Thelymitra rubra). I think this is the salmon. Only just coming out and I only found the one plant. Plenty of other Sun-orchid bud to look out for in the following weeks.

Eastern Bronze Caladenia, (Caladenia transitoria)? This is the one I’m least certain of. The Caladenias easily confuse me. This plant was very tiny and delicate. I had fun getting the camera to focus. The tiniest breath of wind would shake the thing for ages.


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