Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gardivalia #4

A cold blustery wind was, I thought, going to give me some difficulties with the two gardens I visited today. Not so. If anything, the swaying foliage and flowers and the wafting scents added another enjoyable element to my visits.

The Kurinda Rose Garden features hundreds of roses along with ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers – all so beautifully maintained.

The Butler’s garden in Warragul was a wonderfully eclectic mix of indigenous and exotic species of trees shrubs and flowers. Amongst the odd garden bed would appear a small veggie garden, a frog pond, a possum box, or even an insect hotel!  I was never sure which way to point the camera.

What a delight this exercise is turning out to be.

Most of the gardens will be open this weekend – check the Gardivalia website for details.

You can see more of these two gardens today and others on Gouldiae’s Galleries, (open the Gardivalia folder).

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