Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gardivalia #2

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Jo and Tony’s garden at Icy Creek, Meander, is little more than 10 years old. Exotic trees, shrubs, kitchen garden and ponds feature against a mountain backdrop. Ideally named, this garden just invites you to meander.

At Pine Lee in Buln Buln, Don and Jenny have developed numerous garden projects that have allowed them to create an especially inviting garden.

Laurie’s Sculpture Garden at Jindivick is full of whimsy, fantasy and enlightenment. From fairies to a full sized Mercedes mirror mosaic this is completely a fun garden – but it makes you think!

Gardivalia website. Nearly 30 gardens will be open again next weekend.

Gouldiae's Galleries with more pictures of these and other gardens – click on the ‘Gardivalia’ folder.


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