Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ducks and Donkeys

Yesterday I returned briefly to the old stamping grounds of Heyfield. The Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists conducted a survey of the Diuris punctata, (Purple Diuris or Purple Donkey Orchid), at the small Dawson Railway Reserve. The total number of flowers came to somewhere just under 300 I think, down a bit on the previous couple of years.

Survey over and I continued on to check out some of my old ‘bush trails’ on the Heyfield Golf Course. There wasn’t much going on, the country between the fairways was very dry. However I did come across a few surviving Hornet Orchids in their usual ‘mower-safe’ locality.

Just down the road is a private block of remnant bush that often throws up some pleasant surprises and this time it was the wonderfully weird Duck Orchid.

All in all it was a pleasant and rewarding day in some old familiar territory.

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