Thursday, October 30, 2014

Briefly at Mt Cannibal

Today was my first chance for some time to get into some bush again. But only for a little while, so it was off to Mt Cannibal just down the road, to see what effect the heavy weather a day or so back has had.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the common and widespread species, Black-anther Flax-lily. The leaves are strappy and robust but the inflorescence is always delicate and attractive.

Many plants were showing the effects of a thumping from the wind and rain a few days back but some, like these Milkmaids, were protected well enough by the surrounding vegetation to be still a little showy.

Unlike this example of Cinnamon Bells which in its exposed situation was looking a bit bedraggled. I will have to return and see if things improve a bit for this species. Interestingly this is a saprophytic orchid – the bacterial and fungal agencies within its tubers absorb nutrients from decaying vegetation in the soil, a bit similar to fungi.

The well protected ground hugging Common Bird-orchid was quite undamaged. I hope there will be plenty of flower soon – there is a lot of healthy leaf in some patches.

This was another day the Sun-orchids were saying, “Nope, not enough sunshine to show you my beauty yet. Come back another day”. I will.

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  1. It's a great spot. I can't have been there at this time of the year though as I haven't seen most of the flowers you saw.