Friday, October 17, 2014

A Couple of Cannibal Caladenias and More

The lower slopes of Mt Cannibal are at last beginning to be a bit more productive. Up till today I have struggled to tick anything particularly exciting but I’m happy to accept I may have just overlooked species that were there all the time. And, I’ve got a lot more ground to cover yet, so things might change.

I always struggle with ID’ing the Caladenias. Have I got two species here, or is the white one a white form of the pink and vice versa? Any help gratefully accepted. Whatever, the ‘fingers’ are always a delight to come across.

Pink Finger, Caladenia carnea perhaps?

White Finger, Caladenia catenata perhaps?

It is amazing how your eyes change focus when you are down at ground level trying to get the camera settings right, focus sharply, etc. While on my belly getting one or two shots of the Caladenias, this moth caught my eye. I’m pretty certain I would have passed it by otherwise, or stood on it! I won’t guarantee the ID of this one either.

(EDIT: Picture-winged Leaf Moth apparently, Agalopus pyrrhata - thanks DF.) 

Golden-winged Epidesmia?

Some Stackhousia was flowering in a couple of places too. Apparently this plant exudes its strongest perfume at night and is pollinated mostly by nocturnal moths.
Creamy Candles.

There was a lot of yellow flower heads in the area – Billy Buttons and Everlasting Buttons – but a different shape caught my eye not far from the car park, (and lunch). I haven’t caught up with this member of the Diuris family for a season or two. It was nice to be reacquainted.
Wallflower Orchid, Diuris orientis.

Wallflower Orchid.


PS: This blog has just ticked over 100,000 page views – who’d have thought?


  1. That moth is beautiful. Orchids pretty good too!!

  2. Thanks Jack,
    Moth was wrong ID, see Dunc's correction.
    Not beginning to appeal to your botanical side are we?

  3. I guess flora is slower than fauna! Could be complimentary.